The raven has long been companion to man in myth.  Harbinger of prophecy, symbol of wisdom, the keeper of ancestral memories and in many cultures, the messenger between the divine and mortal realms. A favourite of both the ancient Greek god Apollo and the Norse god Odin it flew between worlds, conspiring with the universe and all the magic it holds. 

In a more tangible sense, ravens have throughout the ages sacrificed parts of themselves for various uses, including harpsichord making. These instruments were, and in some cases still are, voiced by natural raven's quill employed to pluck the strings to produce the harpsichord’s distinctive sound. The image of the bird on a branch, depicted on many harpsichord soundboards, also serves as an allegory for the dead wood that receives new life through music.

Ravensong perpetuates the raven’s magic through the harpsichord, fortepiano and clavichord by showcasing leading exponents of historic keyboard instruments from around the globe. Through personal experiences in intimate settings audiences will come to a deeper understanding of the beauty of historic keyboards. Presenting this music in the social context of the salon is not only the original, but the ideal setting to hear these instruments and their repertoire.

And so the raven retains its role as messenger of history and myth as it now brings its song through divine music to modern mortals.